The best flooring systems for your home.

Synthetic resin floors can no longer be ignored in our interior. Whether you opt for a traditional or rural effect or a modern, very sleek look, it will always take your breath away. There are many practical reasons to choose a Floor Atlas cast floor because they can be applied seamlessly, are easy to keep clean, and be perfectly installed in combination with underfloor heating. A Floor Atlas cast floor provides a unified look for every interior, for the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. For outbuildings such as garage and storage, an Epoxy coating floor is a suitable application, it also has a maintenance-friendly floor finish so that the enjoyment of living there is also a bit more pleasant.


Custom Calculations

Every quotation is tailor-made and depends on many factors. Contact our sales department for a tailor-made calculation.

Flooratlas microcement wall finishes.

Floor Atlas micro cement wall finishes for bathrooms, and walk-in showers, tiles in bathrooms are outdated. The wall finish of Floor Atlas HQ is micro cement and is waterproof and very maintenance-friendly. There’s a wide range of colours available; for a first-hand experience, please visit our showroom to combine colour combinations with a possible cast floor finish.

Floor Atlas offers a wide range of floor systems which could be an excellent solution for your situation. Please make an appointment and visit our Colour Experience Room.

Home/floor systems:

Flooratlas psl deco uv

An aliphatic polyurethane cast floor is the most suitable cast floor for your home. Floor Atlas PSL deco cast floor is UV stable and beautifully situated in an old farmhouse or a modern new-build. PSL Deco UV is also perfect for tiny houses, camper or caravan. It doesn’t have to be big to make an impression; in combination with the floor atlas 2k20 mat, this floor is a real eye-catcher.

Floor Atlas PSL deco UV concrete look.

An aliphatic polyurethane cast floor cast in two colours is a real eye-catcher. It is a modern, UV-resistant floor suitable for an old farmhouse and looks excellent in a new-build. This type of cast floor is colourfast and does not discolour due to UV rays; in combination with the floor Atlas 2k20 mat, this floor is a real eye-catcher.

Floor Atlas SRL epoxy anti-slip screed floor

Epoxy resin-formulated cast floor system can be used as garage floor and outbuildings for intensive use and is virtually scratch-resistant. Floor Atlas SRL anti-slip cast floor has even more good properties, such as the compressive and tensile strength that is twice as strong as that of concrete. The floor can be finished liquid-tight and is perfect for protecting the surface. We can use epoxy floors in almost any colour and on any surface.

Flooratlas cemstuc wandafwerking

Cementgebonden met microcement, wandafwerking is een revolutionaire betonstuc welke waterdicht is, deze naadloze, waterdichte en onderhoudsvriendelijke betonlook afwerkingen voor wanden is een onderhoudsvriendelijk systeem met een luxe design uitstraling flooratlas Cemstuc kan op nagenoeg elke stabiele ondergrond aangebracht worden. Bovendien is Cemstuc door haar unieke eigenschappen een geliefd alternatief voor tegels in natte ruimtes. Het is bovendien mogelijk Cemstuc over de tegels heen te plaatsen. Ook een sanitaire holplint met deze flooratlas cemstuc is een optie voor met name natte ruimtes.
De vele kleuren van deze flooraltas Cemstuc zijn te bezichtigen bij de Colour Experience Rooms van flooratlas

Floor Atlas EP stone carpet

Floor Atlas stone carpet is the ancient floor finish with which many homeowners have finished all their floors and cherished them to the satisfaction of many years. The floors can be made in all colour combinations and can also be closed with a seal layer. Visit our experience rooms for a choice of many colour combinations.

Flooratlas csl design

Cement-bound self-levelling residential concrete floors made of 100% natural materials with a natural look, cement-bound cast floors, and the micro-concrete floor finish have become very popular in recent years the cement-bound concrete look floor finish with a natural look such as the Venetian Residential Concrete or Design Residential Concrete, also called Beton-Ciré are often used in residential farms and classic mansions.
Each residential concrete or concrete-look floor is unique, from a robust version to a sleek and seamless concrete-look floor. In combination with the floor atlas PU 2k20 topcoat mat, a colourfast UV-resistant floor finish, combined with underfloor heating, provides a comfortable living environment.

Flooratlas csl

Cement-bound and self-levelling. Layer thickness from 2mm to 10mm can level any subfloor, including over underfloor heating.

Flooratlas pvm

Onkruid wieden beu? Met de Flooratlas pvm mortel is periodieke onkruidbestrijding verleden tijd. Geen azijn onkruidbrander, heet water, krabber of borstel. De Flooratlas pvm mortel geeft een luxe uitstraling aan uw bestrating, wat het aanzicht op uw woning aanzienlijk verbetert. Ook heeft u geen opspattend vuil meer tegen uw gevel, auto en tuinmeubilair. Het toepassen van deze polyurethaan voegmortel is een vakkundig karwei waarin de ploeg van Flooraltas home in gespecialiseerd is. Zij brengen voegmortel veilig en vakkundig aan met garantie zodat u jaren kunt genieten. Bovendien bent u milieubewust bezig, geen schadelijke onkruidverdelgers meer. Andere chemische middelen, zoals chloor kunt u in de kast laten staan.

Flooratlas State of the art Teak

This unique floor finish is for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, roof terrace, indoor design floor. The teak system is often used on luxury yachts in Tender Bay garages and outdoor decks. The floor system is a labour-intensive job and has its price, but if the budget isn’t a problem, this is the floor everyone dreams of. It is maintenance-friendly, has a good slip resistance, extremely hard wearing and can be used almost anywhere.

Flooratlas Colour Experience Rooms

Flooratlas products is a global supplier of polyurethane cast floors, epoxy coatings, PMMA products and polyurethane cement-bound products. Our Color Experience Rooms are designed to present the innovative Polyurethane resin floors and Epoxy coatings (sector-oriented, Home, Industry, Marine and Food). The success of the first recently opened Color Experience Rooms in the Netherlands and Poland has prompted Flooratlas to open even more Color Experience Rooms worldwide in the near future.


Color Experience Rooms from Flooratlas products offer a unique experience.
The space embraces guests with an inspiring range of colors and textures.

Architects, Facility Purchasers and Interior Designers looking for ideas, inspiration and technical advice for projects can immediately preview panels with different colours and finishes, giving a tangible impression of the effects and the quality of products.