Industry-oriented & specialized

Floor Atlas launches its website that brings worldwide customers a snapshot of the entire Floor Altas group, bringing specialist installation and application companies within reach for the industry-specific target market.


Flooratlas companies

By participating in the Floor Atlas group, organic growth within the affiliated companies will be easier thanks to a larger broader product offering and the network of offices, sales teams, application teams and facilities.

Has a company-specific, very diverse expertise and uses this to market floor systems functionally and sustainably.
In the maritime sector, we have developed sound-reducing and fire-retardant IMO certified floor systems and the esthetically pleasing state of the art teak floors that are applied worldwide by specialized application teams.

Flooratlas PRODUCTS

Floor Atlas Products are a global supplier of polyurethane resin, epoxy coatings, epoxy mortars, MMA products, polyurethane cement-bonded products, polyurethane rubber and cork-bonded floor systems.
Flooratlas products plan to roll out its Colour and Technical Flooring Experience Rooms worldwide, which are designed to showcase and promote the company’s innovative Polyurethane cast floors and Epoxy coatings across all industries (Domestic, Commercial, Marine and Food). The recently opened Colour and Technical Flooring Experience Rooms in the Netherlands and Poland was a success and has encouraged Floor Atlas to open even more Experience Rooms.

Tailor-made calculations

Every quotation is tailor-made and depends on many factors. Contact our sales department for a tailor-made calculation.